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Monday, September 26, 2011


I usually use my blog as a platform for pleasant, dreamy things like crafts and projects and even a little elbow grease.  But today I'm a little fired up!
My soapbox platform: How annoying are door to door solicitors!?! 
IMO: Very!
Today is a coveted day off for me.  I woke up early and drank my coffee while making a menu list for the week.
I grocery shopped.
I baked! 
I budgeted.
I giggled to myself about things I read on Facebook.
I was having a lovely afternoon with the rain pouring down and the candles lit.
Then the doorbell rang.
There's a beautiful young girl standing there out of breath and soaking wet.
I am worried she's in danger or needs help.
Then, she launches into a whirlwind sales pitch...full of panting and rambling...
"Have-you-heard-of-Kirby-vaccuums?-They-are-the-ones-used-in-Mrs.Doubtfire-and-we-need-to-vaccuum-something, anything- in-your-house-we-have-to-do-seven-more-before-we-can-go-home-GULP!- and-many-of-your-neighbors-have-helped-us-and-even-GULP!-a-rug-or-anything-will-do!
I say... "I'm sorry, I'm just not interested."
She says "But-why-wouldn't-you-want-a-free-cleaning?!"
I say..."It's the end of one of my few days off and this just isn't how I want to spend it."
She says "But-all-you-have-to-do-is-reccomend-us-to-your-friends- it's Kirby's-way-of-advertising..."
(Me shutting door mid-sentence.)
So, I quickly whipped this up...
I do feel sort of sad for this dripping wet, gorgeous young lady...but,
I don't shop through my front door.
I really don't like shutting the door on your face.
I don't think I can go so far as to say "get another job."
But really, wouldn't you want to?

So, I ask you- do you have a "No Soliciting" sign?  If so, does it work?  I searched them online after this afternoon's events and read some reviews- that sales people see them as the doors to knock on because it means those people are bad at saying no.  (Not so in my case since I've never bought a single thing through my front door.) Or that good sales people just see them as a challenge.  I also read that some people still knock because they don't know what soliciting means (have mercy!) so I thought I'd be a bit more descript with mine.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and decide this is too forward and un-welcoming.  Or perhaps I'll decide my next project is to spell it out in lights.  I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the subject or experiences you've had!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This guy...

This guy makes my world go round.
This guys makes me so proud.
This guy is my best friend.  Seriously, like, BFF.

Now that we finally got the call for his start date at his new job career, it's time to start making real steps towards buying our home. And making our family.  And looking forward.

My heart goes out to every other American family who has been affected by the recession and the economic down turn.  If you too have been waiting for your big break- know that good things happen to good people.  (And yes, I'm tooting our horn and calling us good people!)