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Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Bedroom Decrapification

So, today I had a rare day off/ home alone day- so decided to tackle a project which had been nagging on my mind for far too long.  Listen closely if you have any "dumping ground" in your home- whether it be an entire room (like me) or even a drawer or closet.  I am embarrassed of the "before" pictures. (Mind you, in the before pictures, I actually dumped out some boxes on top of the bed since I was prepared to organize and purge my heart out.) This spare room for us has very rarely served as a functional guest room, but more commonly is known as the "catch all" or "half finished project graveyard." When it has served as a functional guestroom, it's because I moved all of the junk down into the basement, and I am tired of moving this mess around. I use it to keep all of my craft items, items I mean to give away/ get rid of, and those that just haven't found a home yet.  I have been reading many blogs lately by women who keep fabulous, chic, vintage, eclectic and "upcycled" homes which have encouraged me to tackle this project without spending a dime.  (Usually I convince myself that if I go buy more stuff that it will be easier to keep the things I already have.  Is anyone with me here- it sounds crazy when I actually put it on paper.)  I love buying organizational items, boxes, bins, baskets, space bags and any other contraption which makes me feel like life would magically be so organized once that item is in my home.  Then I realized I was drowning in these such things, and still had a mess.  (grrr)  So it was time to roll up my sleeves, and get dirty. 
Here's some before & after photos of my work today:
Look how good my intentions were!  There are boxes waiting to go to Goodwill!  There are items I posted online to sell & get rid of! 

A little more inviting, right?  I dusted, swept, washed the bedding... and my personal favorite, ORGANIZED.

Then, there was my craft closet...

Wow, Inspiring, right?
My ribbon collection was one thing I always felt like I had to buy an organizer for- but today, not a dime, remember!?  I went online and got some great free ideas with items I already had- I used ribbon to display my ribbon, and clothespins to hold my bows onto another ribbon, shown here:
So, in about 8 hours, I feel pretty good about checking this task off the list.  (I have a few minor details which need to be completed, such as putting random pics into albums, etc.)
The key for me with keeping it clean is not moving things back in there.  I packaged up my wedding dress to be sent off for cleaning / preservation.  I have already called the ARC to come pick up my giveaway items so they don't sit around in my way until I shove them back into the guest room. Things that have a home elsewhere in the house have already made their way back. 
And, last but not least...
Betty has approved this room for visitors!


Carly said...

Looks like it's time for a trip up to Washington so we can sleep in that nice, clean spare bedroom. =)
Good work.
We have a spare bedroom like that and I keep telling myself that we will clean it as soon as we have company. That seems like a great time.

Carla in Seattle said...

Great job! That's fantastic for 8 hours!!! I think everyone has a room like that. Ours was Katie's bedroom. Our guest room has to be fairly clean for my sister and kids, but Katie's room was the catch-all room. Then she came and we needed to USE it! So the stuff has shuffled back and forth and I have finally started to work on it. I didn't have any where to put it all! Now I do, so I'm organizing it. Like my wedding album scrap book that I'm still working on. :)

Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

Carly- motorcycle trip up the coast!?! We'd love to have you guys.

Carla- since someday (hoepfully sooner than later) we will need to think about converting the guestroom to a nursery like you- I wanted to get a jump start on it and not have to start from square one. Luckily, we have the basement which will eventually be our guest room/ craft space- but I am right with you on the shuffling things around... makes me crazy!

Jessica said...

WHOA! I am so totally inspired! When you said " i feel the need to buy more things to get organized.. hten i'm drowning" it was like you took the words out of my mouth! You've seriously inspired me to get my junk in order. I too have three bags of clothes waiting to go to goodwill in the corner of my bedroom. AWESOME JOB LADY!

Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

@ Jessica, I'm so glad you're inspired, thank you!

If you struggle to get Goodwill into your daily to-do list, you can always call the ARC of Kitsap County at (360) 405-0094 and they will pick your used clothes and household goods up from your doorstep! So easy!

katie said...

Amazing transformation Kelly! I kinda feel that way about organizing my closet. I feel like I could part with some barely worn items if I could find something I LOVE to replace it. But that never happens so I have a HUGE closet filled with 5,000 items and I only wear about 20. (not including the shoes!) can you post links to the blogs you follow? I need some of that inspiration for myself!