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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Morning! Happy Summer! It's good to see you!

Wow, it feels great to be back!  I am officially on maternity leave for the next 4 months as of today and am looking forward to blogging through those months with all of the exciting things happening!

I laugh as I read back over my last post from waaay back in December about not finding out the sex of our baby and our names we had picked out.  As most of you know (but I'll remind you anyway) we accidentally found out the gender of our anticipated arrival, a boy and his name is/ will be Jack.  People ask me if we are mad that the ultrasound tech spilled the beans and the answer is no... mostly because I was so sure he was a boy already, it didn't even really feel like finding something new out.  I don't think I would have even believed her if she said it was a girl.  And, because it has been really fun dreaming about what he will be like, how we plan to raise our son and getting to know this little guy a little bit more personally than when we had we had no idea who he was in there.  So, we are glad.  And since I am standing on the doorstep of 38 weeks pregnant- we are more than excited to meet him in person.  Between trying to conceive for 8 months before we did, and now having been pregnant for the last nine months, it's been a long time coming that we have been totally consumed with thoughts of our family starting.  And it is so hard to wait! 

In other news... this blog was originally started to chronical the process of us buying our current home and what a journey that is.  Well, another news flash- we aren't going to buy it.  There are only two bedrooms on the main floor.  Within a couple weeks here we will be at max capacity.  There is a large downstairs which is only partially furnished, but it would need a huge rennovation in order to start stashing more kids down there.  It's a cute house in a great neighborhood- but two is company in the kitchen & living spaces, three will be cozy and four will be a wine habit for Mommy.  So, before we invest in such a huge decision, we want to find the right floor plan/ yard/ space.  We are also thinking about renting for a couple more years while Brian finished the Apprentice Program in the Shipyard and then buckling down to buy.  For now though, our landlords have given us pretty liberal reign on the place, so we have still been project-ing it up slowly but surely and I'm sure I'll catch you up on those in future blogs as well. 

So, since the blog isn't going to be as focused on just the home-buying process... it will probably evolve into the finer details of things that are happening in the Derksema world.  Things we are doing.  Those details of Baby Jack's life that not everyone on Facebook will care about, but people who follow this blog might.  Places we are going, the things we are eating, books we are reading, crafts we are doing, etc.  A scrapbook of sorts of the ways we are keepin' our hands dirty and our lives full. 

It's good to be back.