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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Green Thumbs and a little more "Decrapification"

It's been a while since I've had time for house projects!  I have a mid-week "weekend" this week, so mixed productivity with relaxation and the following projects were accomplished.  First, we finally got our little veggie plants in the ground!  We started them back in April in our greenhouse from seed, something we've tried before but never stuck with- here they are starting out...
 I think we got it down this year!

Finally, we got them in the ground where they belong... and they even got a little sun and some warm soil to welcome them to earth!

And, of course- my rock decor identifies the varieties we have growing...

We planted Sweet Corn, Red Corn (should be interesting!) onions, spinach, summer squash, pumpkins, snap peas, tomatoes, and watermelon.  I also have strawberries, but those are in a pot on the patio.  We may be pushing corn later this summer- so, local friends- consider yourselves warned!

Additionally, I tackled another organization project inside the house without spending a dime (which as I've admitted before is a weakness of mine- buying more junk in order to organize existing junk...)  I hit up the linen closet which doubles as medicine cabinet.  Here's the horrendous "before."
A definite identity crisis was at play here- am I for linens?  Am I overflow bathroom storage?  Am I a "catch all" area?
Here I've limited to linens as it is intended, and a few organized medicine cabinet items:

I added a few dryer sheets for a clean scent, and arranged dish/ hand towels like this:

This way, they don't get wadded up and shoved in any ol' place.

Feels good to check these things off the "to-do" list.  Keep your fingers crossed that the garden will make it!