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Monday, August 15, 2011

It's been a while...

It's been too long, friends!
As an Event Planner, Summer means loooong days at the office- which means zero projects at home.
Down time is much needed, people!
I've been in "Maintenance Phase" since my last post, and here's where I'm at:

Garden is doing OK.  The Mammoth Sunflowers are... well, Mammoth.
The Corn is thinking it can...
The tomatoes are green and growing.
The Peas are delicious.
RIP zucchini, pumpkins and onions.
I read a blog recently where someone used these little mossy rocks in a beautiful Spring display. 
Since Western Washington never knows which season we are in anyway, I wanted some too:
Can you believe they are from *ahem* the Dollar Tree?

In my pretend life, I live inside "Real Simple" Magazine and I read this tip in there...
Keep your cleaning supplies where you need them, not all in one place.
And it works.
Clorox wipes on the bathroom counter to swipe away toothpaste and Hubbin's shaving messes?  Nice!
Spray & Wash hiding behind the bottles of perfume on the dresser to just spray on the soiled article and right into the hamper?  Oh yes!
The little pouches of Pledge Multi-Surface wipes?  In the side table in the living room, kept in the glovebox, etc- DUH!
Usually, I like to use chemical free cleansers, but I temporarily chucked that for a little sanity and staying-on-top- of things while crazy busy at work.  Besides, ain't nothin' cleanin' my tile like some Soft Scrub.  Word!

That little trick has helped me- hope it might be helpful to you too- since keeping house is such a dirty job, afterall.

My next big project I want to tackle is our bedroom.  It's never gotten much love- and it needs it! 
Anyone else out there always neglecting the bedroom?
It's the place where we start and end our day- shouldn't we ensure it makes us feel good?!
We have a small room with a big ol' king bed- so I need to get creative with how we make it both functional and heavenly...
I think the most comfortable bed I've slept in was at the Edgewater in Seattle.  While I don't love the fish/ plaid look of the rooms for my home, I do think I will start by making the bed as comfortable and welcoming as that bed was and work from there.  Big, fluffy yet full pillows, high thread count sheets, and that perfect down alternative bedding which keeps you warm in Winter but cool in Summer?  Sounds like a plan!
And, one more thing- the original purpose of the blog... to document our journey of becoming home-owners?  We're getting closer by the moment!  More on that soon.


Dragonbug said...

i am working on a cleaning post. and yes i neglect our bedroom. awesome garden....have a great day.

katie said...

I have been waiting for a new post!! Sorry your onions, etc didn't make it. Our bedroom isn't exactly neglected- It was one of the first rooms fully painted and I love my bedding. But there is a LOT of un-used space. I'll be interested to see how you tackle a giant bed in a not-so-giant space. New sheets are the best!

Carla in Seattle said...

I've been waiting for a post too! I'm glad you took the time. My master is neglected as well. In fact, I think my whole house is! :)

Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

Thank you so much for following, ladies! I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who has neglected the master bedroom!

@ Katie- you're going to need a blog just about your renovations- planned or not! We want to see that sparkling pad of yours!

I'll try to post again before too many months pass!

Allison Compton said...

Your house looks adorable Kelly! I just recently got addicted to gardening and was thinking about starting a blog about my mess of a yard. Do you still live in manette? we should get together soon and talk dirt and reunion! xoxo allison
ps. you might like my sisters blog about home decorating as well...

Dragonbug said...

allison..what about your bff's blog? just kidding..

Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

Thanks, Allison.

@Natalie- I had an idea the other day to get a handful of local blog-hearted gals together to help network blog style. For example, teach each other tricks, share ideas, link up to each other's pages, etc. I don't know how to do that fancy stuff, but would love to help promote other blogs and improve my own. If we know anyone who wants to start blogging but doesn't know how to get started, they could come too? Any thoughts on that? We could call it a Blog Launch and Re-Launch Party? Let me know if you might be interested in that.

Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

@ Allison, thanks for the compliments, it's a work-in-progress for sure! I'd love to get together, see above comment to Natalie- is that something you'd be interested in?
I need to have a meet-up like this, because even though you put the name of your sister's blog, I can't find it... would love to check it out.