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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paint Project #1, Complete

We survived our first painting project!  I really can't take much credit through, since most of last week I was fighting the flu, so I never even so much as picked up a paint brush. Big thank you to Bri for making this happen, and doing such a damn good job!  Sometimes when I see how meticulous, detailed and thorough he is, it makes me crazy that someone out there has not hired him yet!  I know I am biased- but he's an amazing worker and I'm glad I have him to complete my honey-do lists!  (As you'll see below, Betty (kitty) also stepped in to help and supervise a bit as well.)

A few touches before the project got started to see how it looks in different lights...

Betty has approved this paint tray for use.

Gulp!  Here we go!

Taping sucks.

Hmmm, Betty needs to check this out- every last inch of it!

Finished product.  We are very happy with the subtle, yet overall dramatic difference.  It feels polished, clean and soothing.  I'd say it was a success for a first time project!

Another view of the livingroom.  We like the "Robin's Egg" feel of the walls and how they compliment the dark brown furniture and dark wood furniture & blinds. 

So- what do you think!?!  And, do you have any painting experiences worth sharing? Please comment them here!  We are thinking about tackling the kitchen next- particularly painting the cabinets/ new harware/ walls.  Advice?  Dos?  Donts?  Help us out!


Sharon said...

The true test of a marriage is painting a small room's right up there with wallpapering! Best of luck on your house work.

Angelina said...

I love the color. Very subtle and classy!

Anonymous said...

Looking good Brian and Kelly. David and I have painted so many advice is clean you brushes as soon as you are done, wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer until next use, that way they won't get all stiff and nasty. However stiff can be good, sorry I couldn't resist. Kellan

Jillian said...

I love it! You have such good taste :) Keep up the good work, and keep posting pics!

Jess said...

Love it!!!!!!!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love the kitty! They are so funny how they like to be in the middle of everything. I love the new wall color. Thanks for following me, I am your newest follower!


Gettin' Dirty with the Derksemas said...

Thank you Shanon! I fell in love with your home/ style while searching for "shabby" "vintage" "chic" blogs to follow for inspiration while decorating our first home. You have a beautiful talent, family and home- thanks for sharing with me!