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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Changes on the horizon....

For the past two years, we have subletted the downstairs/basement level of our house.
Our tenant moved out a week and a half ago... so naturally, I had to dive into projects. The space is going to become something new... something to be revealed at a later date... but for now, take a look at how it's coming along!

There are two rooms shown here... the larger of the two featuring a light sandy beige color on the walls, as you can see with patching and touch ups.  The floor was painted probably about 20 years ago, a maroon color.  Next door, a lime green room with the floors painted dark green (!?)
Numerous coats of Antique White for the walls and "Battleship Grey" on the floor, and viola!

(Through that door is the formerly Green room)

I also did a number on this dresser...

I still need to do a once-over on the black where my tape wasn't perfect... and I think I am going to sand'er down to age it, but already a vast improvement I'd say!
I completed everything pictured in two days with some help from my Mom.
I am sore, my hands are blistered, and I've ruined a number of articles of clothing, but
damn I feel accomplished!

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs which will reveal how the space will be used. 
We really are luck to have this surplus of space to play with, aren't we?!
The downstairs features much more storage space, and a cute 1.75 bath... more on those later.

Thanks for reading!


Kellan said...

looking good Kelly, when we move you will be on the short list for helping with home improvements

katie said...

Seeing it all cleaned up makes you realize how much space you really have! Is it heated down there? Can't wait to see what your next move is!

Getting Dirty with the Derksemas said...

Kellan, I'd love to help!

@ Katie, Yes, it's heated... the next reveal is going to be fabulous- can't wait to share!