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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dirty Yard Work

Today was a gorgeous sunny day and with the exception of an interview for Bri this afternoon, we had the day to get dirty and get some things accomplished.  We borrowed a pressure-washer from my parents to tackle some areas which were desperate to have the moss removed. 
Take a look at the before & after of our back driveway...

We obviously need to re-stain those garage doors, but pressure washing helped a bit.
We also washed the siding of the house and the patio as shown below...
The side of the house shown below wasn't even visible before we cut that tree back, but once Bri pruned, we were left with mossy/ dirty siding.

The patio also desperately needed to be cleaned...

Clean siding, patio and driveway...

A few weeks ago now we started veggies and potted some flowers in the green house... it's finally time to bring the flowers out to the patio!  Another month or so and the veggies should be ready to be put in the ground, but they are still pluggin' along in the greenhouse.
This is from a few weeks ago when we planted...
At home in their new pots! 
A sneak peek at the veggie garden... most are already growing
And today... the flowers go outside! 

Also, because for some reason, I feel the need to decorate everything, here's a look at my rock decor.
  (I know, I can't believe I just said that either.)
Kind of hard to see, I know- but I used paint pens and sharpies to write words of inspirations and little designs.  ("Go Hawks" "Smile" "Welcome" ~ Sun, Moon, Watermelon, Flower, etc.)
When it comes to my garden, I like little touches of whimsy, I'm not into the statues of cherubs or little kids sitting on a bench together- I prefer little details that could almost go unnoticed, such as a painted rock or a flower planted into a hollow tree trunk.  My herb planter is an old utility sink.
 I'm sad to say Betty cannot inspect our progress on this project because she is an indoor cat... but she did supervise us dying Easter Eggs last weekend, so here she is approving that project:
Thanks for following us and our dirty work!