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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Progress is made... But these aren't quite "afters"

A little update from our yard- Brian has spent the last week outside pruning, weeding, trimming, digging, etc- trying to get the yard ready for Spring/ Summer.  We had to hire someone today to come haul away the waste- SO MUCH! Still a very long ways to go (Including the front yard which he's started on today) but it's really obvious that he's been hard at work all week on this. I think the improvements are vast- do you notice a difference? Can't wait for when everything is blooming & growing!

(PS)- We meet with our landlords on Saturday to begin discussing the prospect of buying- we are very excited/ nervous and anxious to see where this adventure may be taking us!


Jess said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see the official "afters"!

holli said...

omg be careful posting pics or i might lure you guys over to my hard with some dinner and drinks one weekend and put you to work :P i have no knack for it at all and am not above tricking people into helping :P

holli said...

my yard. not hard. yard.