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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A few signs of Spring!

Happy Spring! I am so excited for gardening and barbequing, suntans and margaritas that I can barely contain myself!  A few small projects have been taking place around the house, so I figured it was time for a small update.  I pulled out some of my Spring decor on Friday (some pictured above)-and love looking at the hints of the season ahead.  We received the digital photo frame (pictured) as as Christmas gift from my brother last year.  I am constantly making new slideshows to play on it throughout the year.  I usually use Google Image and find seasonal images which I love watching scroll by.  For example, in the winter time- I loaded images of snowflakes, beautiful gifts, twinkle lights, etc.  At Halloween, it held spider webs, candy, haunted houses, etc.  During Bri's birthday week- I downloaded all sorts of things which Bri enjoys from Happy Birthday images to pictures of  Jaw Breakers, Marissa Tomei and Seahawks logos.  Of course, right now I am enjoying photos of flowers blooming, meadows of wild flowers, sunny gardens, rainbows and all things Spring.  In addition to the slide show, I love having the fresh daffodils in the house.  Admittedly, these are store-bought, but the tulips on the porch (from last year's bulbs) are desperately trying to bloom.  They are shown below, and I look forward to seeing the flowers bloom- SOON!



Jess said...

I NEVER thought about loading seasonal photos on a digital frame. That is BRILLIANT! I may have to steal that idea :-)

Kelsey Zane said...

The mantle looks amazing and i do have to agree the digital frame idea is genius!